Debt Free Living Is Abundant Living

Abundant living is the overflow of resources to live without debt, and having enough to give to anyone who asks, to build your savings now and to invest in the future. Lack or not having enough or needing more, are not Kingdom values. No one has to live in lack the scriptures speak against lack. The Lord is my shepherd I shall not lack or want for anything, you also will have an abundant life and it will be, full and prosperous, and free from debt.

Abundant living is not about how much money is in your bank account or how much wealth you can show off. It’s about moving from a mindset that is prevalent in our culture, our community, and our society. We esteem lack, we don’t call it lack and we will never admit it openly, but every time we spend and we use our credit card our lack is seen, and the more credit cards we have the more lack there is in our lives. When we spend energy, our time, or our talent on purchasing stuff, we live in a place of lack. We are customers, consumers who live for the latest trainers or the biggest HD TV, the flashiest car. We live our lives as consumers. Consumers have no power, and they leave no legacy for the next generation.

Its time to flip the switch, to reevaluate your thinking, your beliefs, your actions, it is time to change, it is time to be transformed, by the renewing of your minds, to see yourselves differently as creators of wealth, a people of power, and abundance. To view yourselves as producers and landowners. To see yourselves as the head and not the tail. We sing it and we quote it enough but unless there is a change in your mindset there will never be a change in your outer circumstances.

A life of abundance, the ability to have more than enough, the ability to give over and above, whether that’s financially, emotionally or materially. To be in that position of owing no man or woman anything but a debt of love, is the objective we aim for by breaking free from the mindset of lack, and not having enough. To live joyously, and wisely in a life of over flowing with more than enough, in abundance.

Your propensity and leaning, your mentality of not having enough, your constant fear of losing what you have got has to change. Only then will you be able to view any appeal or request for your time, finance or resources, not as a threat, thinking that if I give you something then I won’t have enough for myself, but rather as an opportunity to give so that you can receive for yourself more than you can possibly need. This lack that I am talking about is generally known as Credit Card debt, you must get free from anything that facilitates the growth of debt in your life, namely, your Credit Card.

You have been taught from an early age, that banks and other financial institutions are honourable, and trustworthy pillars of our society, so when the Bank offers you your first credit card, you are filled with a certain pride that you have been considered credit worthy, but this pride, fills you with a false sense of security, because you think, if the Bank wants to lend me money, I must be doing alright. You need to stop thinking this way, but it is very difficult to break a life time of habit. The Bank over the years nurtures us, and begins to tell us what we need, that we can have that need met now, it encourages and fosters, a sense of lack and want within our lives, which is the exact opposite of abundant life, living out of a surplus of resources. Buy now pay later, the Bank says, use this credit card and pay no interest if you clear the debt in the same month. In this way you are drawn into a world where you are sold the idea of the “minimum payment”as the way to enable you to have whatever your heart desires and to fulfill all your dreams now. You put your trust and faith in your Bank and its representatives, who reward you by increasing your credit limit, and extending your loan and overdraft facilities to help you out of any short term difficulties or unexpected financial needs you may have overlooked. In this way the bank facilitates and promotes debt within your life.

Misplaced trust causes you to continue in this way, unable to help your self or any of those you love, friends or family. Misplaced trust keeps you wanting and in need in debt, never satisfying the real need that you have which is for contentment, being satisfied with what you have.

You can be satisfied by the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the One who placed every star in its place and whose Word holds every planet in its orbit trust that He is able to supply all your needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus. Trust that if you invest in anything to do with His Kingdom, that He is more than able and willing to look after what is yours. Then abundant life begins to transform your reality from lack to satisfaction, from debt to being free from debt.